Emergency Advice

We all hope it wont happen to us! But unfortunately there are emergencies that arise that we have no control over. However following a few simple rules can help keep that emergency to a minimum. To assist you we have listed below some of the most important rules to follow

  • Be aware of the location of your water stop cock, gas stop cock and main electricity cut off switch.
  • If you smell gas, turn off the gas supply at the stop cock, DO NOT smoke or strike matches , DO NOT operate light switches or electric switches (to avoid causing a spark). Extinguish any naked flames, open doors and windows, remove people from the effected area and then contact Transco on 0800 111 999
  • If you have a water burst immediately turn off the mains water supply into your premises.
  • Ensure all your water pipes and water tanks are adequately lagged and your heating system is regularly serviced.
  • Ask a friend or relative to visit your home every day if you are away for an extended period. This will mean that if you do suffer a burst pipe it will be detected as soon as possible, and the damage caused will be minimised
  • In the event of a flood if your wiring or any electrical appliances have been affected do not touch them until they have been checked by a professional electrician. If in doubt turn off your electricity at the mains.
  • Ensure your chimney’s are swept regularly, kept clear of obstructions and any gas fire’s you have are regularly serviced.
  • If your property is rented ensure that the landlords certificate is up to date to ensure your maximum safety against carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Install fire and Carbon monoxide detectors. Check the batteries regularly and change if required.
  • Ensure you have adequate home and contents insurance to cover those unseen events

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